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Latest Update: July 9, 2019

Status Reports

The Council on Accreditation may request that an Organization provide a Status Report at any time. Failure to submit a Status Report within 30 days of its due date may result in revocation of accreditation.

The purpose of the Status Report is to document for the Council on Accreditation activities performed to achieve compliance with a Standard in which the Council has a specific concern or to report on progress of any areas or activities in transition. Examples include activities such as implementation of policies or forms or completion of an education or training program. The Council generally requests a Status Report from an Organization when awarding Full or Qualified Accreditation, Accreditation-Pending or Reaccreditation-Pending, or Probation. The Council may request a Status Report in response to reviewing an Annual Report or upon receiving information from the Organization about a change to its Human Research Protection Program. When the Status Report does not satisfy the Council, the Council may request additional information or place the Organization in Accreditation-Pending or Reaccreditation-Pending or on Probation. 

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