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Latest Update: July 9, 2019

Limited Site Visits

On occasion, the Council on Accreditation will request a Limited Site Visit. 

Inability to Conduct Initial Site Visit 

For an Organization seeking Accreditation or Reaccreditation, AAHRPP may require a Limited Site Visit in situations when the initial Site Visit was compromised and not able to be completed. In situations where the inability to conduct the initial Site Visit was beyond the Organization’s control, for example, a Site Visitor was unable to travel or became ill during the visit and could not complete the Site Visit activities, AAHRPP will bear the cost of the Limited Site Visit. Conversely, in situations where the Site Visit could not be completed due to the Organization’s failure to meet AAHRPP’s stipulated requirements related to Site Visit preparation, such as, the Organization’s failure to produce the required documents, the Organization will bear the cost of the Limited Site Visit. 

Other Reasons for Limited Site Visit 

There are other situations in which AAHRPP may require a Limited Site Visit. For an Organization that is awarded Full or Qualified Accreditation, the Council on Accreditation may require a Limited Site Visit to occur during the accreditation period to assess major changes in a Human Research Protection Program or otherwise to ensure that compliance with the Accreditation Standards is maintained. In this situation, AAHRPP will bear the cost of the Limited Site Visit. 

For an Organization that is in the Accreditation-Pending or Reaccreditation-Pending categories or on Probation, the Council on Accreditation attempts to resolve corrective actions through written communication. However, if the corrective actions are of such a magnitude that an on-site visit is required to complete the evaluation and/or confirm the correction of deficiencies, then the Council may require a Limited Site Visit. Limited Site Visits are also conducted when the Council on Accreditation deems it necessary to verify compliance with the Standards or other requirements or in response to information reported in an Annual Report or Status Report. Generally, AAHRPP notifies the Organization of the need for a Limited Site Visit at the time it is awarded accreditation, placed in the Accreditation-Pending or Reaccreditation-Pending categories or placed on Probation, or following the Council’s review of a Status Report. In these situations, the costs of the Limited Site visit are the responsibility of the Organization unless AAHRPP determines  otherwise. 

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