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Latest Update: February 27, 2024

Site Visitors

After submission and review of the Application for Accreditation/Reaccreditation, a team of experienced AAHRPP site visitors conducts a site visit to assess the HRPP's performance with respect to each Accreditation Standard. At its discretion, AAHRPP may use one or more site visitors for Limited Site Visits after the initial site visit has been concluded if there are outstanding issues to be addressed to meet the Standards. AAHRPP will not accredit an organization without a site visit.

Site visitors are selected based on their experience, expertise, and perspective. Site visit team leaders are experienced site visitors and/or members of AAHRPP's Council on Accreditation. The number of site visitors assigned to a team depends upon the size and complexity of the organization’s HRPP.

Subsequent to the initial accreditation period of three years, an accredited organization is routinely revisited at five-year intervals either in-person or remotely.