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Accreditation: Get Accredited - Part 3: Evaluation of Written Materials

After the Application for Accreditation or Reaccreditation is submitted, an AAHRPP peer reviewer will review your application and send you a Step 1 Review of Application Materials, which identifies those Elements of the Accreditation Standards that require revision and provides specific instructions on what is required to address the Element satisfactorily.

Once you receive the Step 1 Review of Application Materials you will work with the peer reviewer to update your policies and procedures so that all of the Elements are satisfactorily addressed. Once the Step 1 phase is completed, your Organization will be ready to submit a Step 2 application and start preparing for a site visit.

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Steps to Get Accredited

Step 1 - Self Assessment

Part 1 Self-Assessment

Step 3 - Evaluation

Part 2 Build Application

Step 4 - Notification of Accreditation

Part 3 Evaluation of
Written Materials

Step 2 - Build Application

Part 4Evaluation of

Step 5 - Post Council Review

Part 5 Council Review

Step 6 - Maintain Accreditation

Part 6 Response to
Council Review