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Latest Update: July 9, 2019

Certificates of Accreditation

AAHRPP issues a Certificate of Accreditation to each Organization that receives Full Accreditation or Qualified Accreditation. If an Organization has its accreditation revoked, the Certificate of Accreditation must be removed from display by the Organization or returned to AAHRPP, all references to AAHRPP accreditation and any use of the AAHRPP accreditation seal must be removed from all Organization materials, and the Organization may no longer represent itself (or permit others to identify it) as accredited by AAHRPP. Organizations that are placed in Accreditation-Pending are not entitled to receive Certificates of Accreditation. 

Display or use of any revoked or fraudulent AAHRPP certificate or of any AAHRPP seal or other identifiers that might deceive or mislead prospective participants, sponsors, or other persons, is considered a serious offense with the potential for harming the public confidence in research and the research protection system. Appropriate legal action may be taken by AAHRPP based on the facts of any such use.

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