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Latest Update: June 19, 2024

AAHRPP Accreditation

The AAHRPP Accreditation Program is a voluntary, peer driven, educationally-based model of accreditation. It seeks to recognize high-quality Human Research Protection Programs (HRPP) of organizations that conduct or review research.

Accreditation uses a set of objective Standards to evaluate the quality and level of protection that an organization provides research participants. AAHRPP's Accreditation Standards meet or exceed U.S. federal regulatory requirements and the International Committee on Harmonisation — Good Clinical Practice (E6) guideline for protection, and are reasonable, attainable, and representative of current best practices. 

AAHRPP promotes research excellence by offering accreditation to organizations that commit to high standards for research ethics and safety. Through accreditation, an organization can demonstrate the overall excellence of its research program by providing the most comprehensive protections for research participants.