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Accreditation: Maintain Accreditation - Applying for Reaccreditation

Accredited Organizations renew their accreditations three years after the initial accreditation and every five years thereafter, by performing the same self-assessment and gap analysis required for the initial accreditation application. You do not need to pay a new application fee to renew your accreditation; annual fees cover the costs of reaccreditation.

The reaccreditation process is the same as the initial accreditation process: Conducting a Self-Assessment, Building and Submitting an Application, Evaluation of Written Materials, Evaluation of Practice, and Council Review.

This time around should be easier. You know the AAHRPP Domains, Accreditation Standards, and Elements. Depending on your Organization’s approach to accreditation, though, you could already be falling behind in the reaccreditation process.

Tips for Putting Together an Application for Reaccreditation

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