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How to Use the Resource Library

The Resource Library page defaults to showing all resources that are available to Organizations to help them obtain or maintain accreditation.

You can filter the resources in many ways to help you identify the ones you need:

  • Use "All Resources" to filter by type of resource, such as Tipsheets, Accreditation Procedures, the Evaluation Instrument, and FAQs
  • Use "Any Topic" to filter by stage of accreditation (e.g., Applying for Accreditation) or the action you need to take (e.g., Reports to AAHRPP)
  • Use the Keyword search to identify a word in the title or body of a resource document you are looking for
  • Use "Sort by Recommended Order" to organize the resources by date created or updated or by their title
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Hospitals - 2020

2020 HRPP performance metrics - Hospitals

Latest Update: August 1, 2020

Provisions in Contracts and Funding Agreements

Latest Update: November 13, 2019
Additional Resource

Reportable Events Form

Latest Update: February 15, 2024

Review of Research by the Convened IRB or EC

Latest Update: September 11, 2012

Review of Research by the Expedited Procedure

Latest Update: September 11, 2012

Single IRB or EC Review

Latest Update: November 8, 2018

State and Local Law

Latest Update: September 17, 2014