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March 2022:  The HRPP Office of the Future

Summer 2022:  Successful Tools for Educating and Evaluating HRPP Teams 

Fall 2022: Innovative Practices by AAHRPP-Accredited Organizations


"How To" Videos to Help You Earn and Maintain AAHRPP Accreditation 

Dear Colleagues:

It is our pleasure to launch digitally and free of charge, for the benefit of our community of accredited and not-yet-accredited organizations, the content of our traditional pre-conference workshop, "An Overview of AAHRPP: How to Achieve and Maintain AAHRPP Accreditation."

This educational offering is presented by current and former AAHRPP Council members, site visitors, seasoned representatives of AAHRPP-accredited organizations, and AAHRPP staff, all of whom have given so generously of their time and expertise. What we bring to you today is a program of eight video modules of up to 40 minutes each designed to give you "soup to nuts" sessions on navigating the process of accreditation/reaccreditation. Please follow this link to bring you to the modules: AAHRPP Accreditation Videos

Finally, let me take this opportunity to thank you once again for your always-important role in protecting human research participants, a critical role that has only grown in importance as we face this public health emergency together.  

With my kind regards and best wishes for your continued health and safety,

Elyse I. Summers, JD
President and CEO

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