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Organizations seeking accreditation must submit a nonrefundable application fee. The application fee covers the costs of the initial accreditation evaluation, including the site visit. The application fee is due when the Organization applies as an applicant.

An Organization granted Full Accreditation, Qualified Accreditation, or Accreditation-Pending pays an annual fee. Annual fees commence one year after the Organization submits an application.

Annual fees cover the costs of triennial evaluations, including site visits, unless an Organization’s accreditation status lapses. (Costs of interim site visits conducted before the regular three-year re-accreditation evaluation are the Organization’s responsibility.)

Fees are based on the size and complexity of the Human Research Protection Program (HRPP), and the fee schedule takes into account the most common structures of HRPPs. Contact AAHRPP to discuss your application fee if your HRPP has 10 or more IRBs, three or more sets of policies and procedures, or involves organizations in distant locations. In addition, if you are uncertain about the structure of your HRPP, contact AAHRPP.

AAHRPP encourages Organizations to make a formal commitment by prepaying their application fee and becoming clients. AAHRPP offers an incentive to prepaying by guaranteeing the fee through the end of the following year. If an Organization doesn't submit an application by the end of the following year, there is no penalty, the Organization simply pays any difference in the fee between the year in which it submits an application and the year through which the fee is guaranteed. AAHRPP offers this option because it helps Organizations make accreditation a priority. In addition, AAHRPP gives a discount for the annual conference and provides unlimited technical assistance to its clients.

The fee schedule may be adjusted to reflect the costs of operating the accreditation program. To help Organizations budget for accreditation expenses, it is anticipated that fees will increase between 4% - 6% each year.

2019 Fees:
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