What accreditation means to your company

Tip Sheets

From an ethical perspective, contracting with AAHRPP-accredited organizations is the right thing to do. It’s also the smart thing for your company. Here’s why:
  • AAHRPP-accredited organizations operate more efficiently, provide more comprehensive protections, and produce higher-quality data than non-accredited organizations.
  • AAHRPP-accredited organizations tend to have more highly trained physician researchers and research staff.
  • AAHRPP-accredited organizations are less likely to be cited for non-compliance when inspected by the FDA.
  • AAHRPP-accredited organizations tend to have fewer protocol deviations and to require fewer sponsor audits.

When you hire AAHRPP-accredited organizations, you can expect your research to run more smoothly and cost-effectively. Your products also are more likely to receive government approval because you can demonstrate that your research was conducted in compliance with laws and regulations—and in accordance with industry best practices.