For Sponsors

One set of standards worldwide

AAHRPP sets uniform, high-quality standards for human research protections—across the research enterprise, around the globe.

In industry, government, and the non-profit sector, AAHRPP accreditation is widely regarded as the gold standard worldwide. Instead of a patchwork of laws and codes that differs from country to country, AAHRPP provides a single, comprehensive set of accreditation standards that meet, and typically exceed, specific country laws.

AAHRPP accreditation requires significant commitment and resources. In return, AAHRPP accreditation makes a research program noticeably more efficient and effective.

What accreditation is and is not:

  • Accreditation is an ongoing process that ensures the public, government officials, and research participants that the clinical trials you sponsor are both ethical and of high quality.

 It is not proof of the ethics and excellence of your research.

  • Accreditation is an intensive, in-depth evaluation of the policies, procedures, and practices of a central IRB’s, CRO’s, or research site’s human research protection program (HRPP).

It is not a guarantee that every protocol-specific problem in research will be identified.

  • The bottom line: AAHRPP accreditation is the easiest, most cost-effective way to evaluate IRBs, CROs, and research sites worldwide to determine if they will conduct research in a manner that reflects well on your company and results in ethical, high-quality research.