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April 26, and 28, 2016:

Evaluating IRB Members and Chairs: Basic and Innovative Solutions for Meeting Standard II.1.B.

For the review function of the IRB or Ethics Committee (EC) to be effective, members need to be knowledgeable about applicable regulations and have the skills and expertise relevant to the research conducted at the organization.  Meaningful review requires sufficient expertise, experience and diversity of membership.  AAHRPP Standard II.1.B. requires the IRB or EC to have qualified leadership, (e.g. chair and vice chair) members and staff. 

To meet Standard II.1.B., membership and composition of the IRB or EC must be periodically reviewed and adjusted, as appropriate, and IRB members and chairs must be evaluated and provided with feedback.  Our speakers will review some of the common ways this standard is met, as well offer some innovative solutions to accomplish this goal.


Kristin Craun, M.P.H., CIP

University of Southern California

Kathleen Lawry, M.S.S.A., CIP
Case Western CTSA


Tuesday April 26, 2016 3:30 P.M. ET: Register Here

Thursday April 28, 2016 10:00 A.M. ET: Register Here

July 26, and 28, 2016:

HRPP Metrics: Discussion of AAHRPP Data and Trends from 2015

October 25, and 27, 2016:

Measuring the Quality and Process of Informed Consent

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