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October 25, and 27, 2016:

Webinar: Measuring the Quality and Process of Informed Consent

We all agree that the quality of informed consent cannot be evaluated solely based on a written consent document.  The consent process is a discussion that should be culturally and linguistically appropriate to the study population.  AAHRPP standards require that the IRB or EC know the nature and circumstances of the consent process, such as who will conduct the consent interview, the timing of obtaining consent, and any waiting period between informing the participant and obtaining consent. (See Standard II.3.F.)
Recently there has been much more research into effective consent processes and in particular, the Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative (CTTI) has reviewed this literature and along with many stakeholders and a considerable amount of time has developed recommendations published in June 2016. One of our speakers will review these ideas found in “Paving the Way to a more Effective Informed Consent Process.”
In addition, despite IRB’s knowing that they have the regulatory authority to observe the consent process, or have a third party observe it, this is rarely done.  Our second speaker will focus on how this observation process may be used as an effective tool for training investigators to become better at this important step in the research process.  The tool used by the NIH for this observation and training initiative will be discussed.

October 25, 2016: 10:00 am ET
October 27, 2016:  3:30 pm ET

Mary Ellen Cadman, RN, MSW
Office of the Clinical Director
National Institute of Mental Health

Michele R. Kennett, LLM
Associate Vice-Chancellor for Research
University of Missouri Columbia

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