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February 23 and 25, 2016: 

Transitioning to Single IRB Review: Keeping Your HRPP Strong

Whether you currently review all research in-house or outsource your IRB review, your organization will need to maintain a high quality human research protection program.  We can soon expect increased use of single IRB review for multisite research whether it is mandated through regulation or through the requirements of sponsors. 

This webinar will address the increased need to ensure that the responsibilities outside of the IRB/Ethics Committee review function are robust and not overlooked when the local IRB is not involved (or there is no internal IRB).  Applying the AAHRPP standards in Domain I and III to fulfill research site responsibilities will be discussed.   In addition, how to build trust among organizations sharing IRB review will be presented.  A current example of a research site obtaining AAHRPP accreditation without an internal IRB will be highlighted, emphasizing the importance of the local oversight functions of an HRPP.

Scott Lipkin, D.P.M., FTI Consulting
Laura Rosales, M.D., Renal Research Institute
Tracy Ziolek, M.S., University of Pennsylvania

April 26, and 28, 2016:

Evaluating IRB Members and Chairs: Basic and Innovative Solutions for Meeting Standard II.1.B.

July 26, and 28, 2016:

HRPP Metrics: Discussion of AAHRPP Data and Trends from 2015

October 25, and 27, 2016:

Measuring the Quality and Process of Informed Consent

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