Accredited Organizations

All listed Organizations are in good standing and are currently accredited.

AAHRPP publishes the names of Organizations that receive Full or Qualified Accreditation (see accreditation status for details on the categories of accreditation), date initially accredited, and category of accreditation. For each accredited Organization, a contact name and e-mail address are provided. Listed under some names are additional organizations that are accredited because they are part of the accredited Organization's Human Research Protection Program.

Because the accreditation process is confidential, AAHRPP does not release information about applicants that are in the process of seeking accreditation or those that have bee placed in the Accreditation-Pending, Reaccreditation-Pending, Probation, Accreditation Revoked or Accreditation Withheld categories.
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32e4fc4f-4490-e011-bf37-1cc1dee88af259th Medical Wing
Texas, USA
TexasUSA09/18/2017GovernmentFull Accreditation
42e6fc4f-4490-e011-bf37-1cc1dee88af2Adventist Health System/Sunbelt, Inc. d/b/a Florida Hospital
Florida, USA
FloridaUSA03/21/2016HospitalFull Accreditation
3355bbbc-1a8e-e111-ad32-1cc1dee8daa5Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Jiangsu, China
JiangsuChina06/21/2016HospitalFull Accreditation
dee3fc4f-4490-e011-bf37-1cc1dee88af2Albert Einstein Healthcare Network
Pennsylvania, USA
PennsylvaniaUSA12/18/2014HospitalFull Accreditation
b0dffc4f-4490-e011-bf37-1cc1dee88af2Alpha Independent Review Board, Inc.
California, USA
CaliforniaUSA06/11/2010Independent IRBFull Accreditation
42e4fc4f-4490-e011-bf37-1cc1dee88af2Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago
Illinois, USA
IllinoisUSA09/13/2013HospitalFull Accreditation
dd9c5149-ca39-e411-92e0-6c3be5a85df0Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited
Tamil Nadu, India
Tamil NaduIndia09/19/2016HospitalFull Accreditation
3ee8fc4f-4490-e011-bf37-1cc1dee88af2Asan Medical Center
 Korea12/13/2013HospitalFull Accreditation
50f0fc4f-4490-e011-bf37-1cc1dee88af2Asentral, Inc.
Massachusetts, USA
MassachusettsUSA09/15/2014Independent IRBFull Accreditation
4ae0fc4f-4490-e011-bf37-1cc1dee88af2Aspire Independent Review Board, Inc.
California, USA
CaliforniaUSA12/12/2008Independent IRBFull Accreditation