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As part of our commitment to continuous quality improvement, we offer Educational Webinars for accredited and non-accredited organizations.  These are offered free of charge to our clients.


Webinars in 2018:

New Common Rule? New (and We Hope) Improved AAHRPP Evaluation Instrument


Tuesday, February 13, 2018     10:00 AM ET      Register Here

Thursday, February 15, 2018     3:30 PM ET       Register Here

After a long process, final revisions to the Common Rule have been published. This webinar reviews the revisions made to the AAHRPP Evaluation Instrument for Accreditation to address requirements under the revised Common Rule.  AAHRPP standards are broad, and the vast majority of Standards and Elements are not affected by the revised regulations. Notably, the new Standard I-9 on single IRB review and a new Element on limited IRB review have been added (Standard I-9 was announced previously).  


The revisions were developed with substantial input from a working group that includes members from universities, hospitals, and independent IRBs.  Highlights of the revisions include new exemption criteria, requirements for limited IRB review, broad consent, continuing review of research, and, as alluded to above, new requirements under NIH’s policy and the revised Common Rule on single IRB review.  

At the conclusion of the webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the Standards and Elements that require changes for organizations that are required to follow DHHS regulations.
  • Use the revised Evaluation Instrument to conduct a self-assessment of the HRPP to ensure it complies with the requirements in the revised Common Rule.
  • Evaluate different options available to organizations when implementing the requirements under the revised Common Rule, and decide on the best options for their organization.


John Baumann, PhD, Indiana University
Robert Hood, PhD, AAHRPP