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As part of our commitment to continuous quality improvement, we offer Educational Webinars for accredited and non-accredited organizations.  These are offered free of charge to our clients.


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Tuesday, October 17, 2017     10:00 AM ET      Register Here

Thursday, October 19, 2017     3:30 PM ET      Register Here

AAHRPP Proposed Single IRB Review Standard 

This webinar provides an overview of AAHRPP’s requirements when organizations rely on other organizations for IRB review, or when serving as the IRB for another organization.  AAHRPP will be introducing a new Standard that brings together all of AAHRPP’s requirements when sharing oversight.  The new Standard was developed with input from a workgroup that includes members from universities, hospitals, research consortia, and independent IRBs.  The workgroup has been meeting over the past year to develop the standard, incorporating comments from additional readers, the Council on Accreditation, and AAHRPP’s Board of Directors.  Standard I.9 addresses the reality that research increasingly involves multiple organizations, and that organizations are increasingly asked to work together to share oversight of research.  Standard I.9 addresses new requirements under NIH’s policy on single IRB review, and new requirements in the revised Common Rule on review by a single IRB.  In addition to IRB or EC review, the new Standard I.9 also covers other responsibilities, such as oversight of conflicts of interest, radiation safety, and biosafety when sharing oversight of research. 



Lauri Carlile, C.I.P., Chesapeake IRB

Nichelle Cobb, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin

Robert Hood, Ph.D., AAHRPP

Megan Singleton, J.D., M.B.E., Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine