Strategic alliance improves access to information on research site accreditation

WASHINGTON, D.C. and NEW YORK, June 25, 2013
—The Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs and the ViS Research Institute today announced a strategic alliance to further protect research participants by providing easy access to information on the quality and standards of organizations that conduct clinical trials.

ViS has developed an online analytics platform to streamline the feasibility assessment of research sites. Because of the alliance, ViS profiles of research sites will now include information on whether the site has earned AAHRPP accreditation—widely regarded as an objective measure of research quality, ethics and protections. 

“AAHRPP and ViS are streamlining the site selection process, making it easier for research sponsors and contract research organizations to identify sites that have committed to high standards,” said Marjorie Speers, PhD, AAHRPP president and CEO. “We are confident that, if information on quality is readily available, it will play a key role in decisions on where to conduct clinical trials.” 

Research sites earn AAHRPP accreditation by demonstrating that their human research protection programs adhere to rigorous standards and by committing to continuous quality improvement. More than 180 organizations worldwide—including over 60 percent of U.S. research-intensive universities and U.S. teaching hospitals—are AAHRPP accredited. Together, they represent over 600 research entities.

For these organizations, the new alliance will increase visibility with research sponsors, CROs and other trial planners, and reduce the time and costs of fulfilling multiple requests for information. Instead of responding separately to lengthy feasibility questionnaires, AAHRPP-accredited organizations can provide all that information online, in a ViS profile.

“The alliance between ViS and AAHRPP will enhance the efficiency and quality of clinical trial planning,” said Fabio Thiers, MD, PhD, CEO of ViS, “and will contribute to improved research participant protection and to the accelerated development of needed medicines.”

A nonprofit organization, AAHRPP provides accreditation for organizations that conduct human research and can demonstrate that their protections exceed the safeguards required by the U.S. government. To learn more, visit

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